About Piero Paolo Gesualdi

Piero in armchair

Piero Paolo Gesualdi is well known for expanding boundaries across many mediums with his innovative approach evident in his architecture, fashion, clubs and restaurants ventures and projects.

Gesualdi started in architecture during the early seventies and after a sojourn traveling the world he returned to Melbourne in the mid seventies and crossed into fashion establishing the successful Masons retail stores which pioneered importing and introducing such cutting edge international luxury fashion labels such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Giorgio Armani, Kenzo and Comme de Garçons to name but a few. He also designed and manufactured the exclusive Masons line for his shops in Melbourne and Sydney.

During the late eighties Gesualdi opened the iconic Melbourne restaurant/cafés Rosati in Flinders Lane and  Pieroni’s in Toorak Road. Gesualdi designed the interiors, which were broadly featured across local and international interior magazines.

He has recently been nominated for an Australian interior design award for his visionary refurbishment of a derelict army drill hall into an uncompromising modern residence.